Andres Sarda

was born in Barcelona and his designs reflect a pool of knowledge garnered from a family connected to textile companies since the late 19th century. After studying textile sciences, began his professional career in Sarda Hermanos, which was dedicated to manufacturing mantillas. He was given the responsibility to introduce their products into the United States and Central and South America. success was marked by great triumph introducing the SARDA mantilla to Jacqueline Kennedy who then graced the cover of one of the USA’s top-selling magazines wearing the design. In the 1980’s ’s European campaign featured the first elastic leavers’ lace in the world. It was made from cashmere wool, nylon silk and elastane.

From the very beginning and as a matter of principle, he rebelled against the antiquated and unattractive offer that both the domestic and international market was offering consumers. Andres Sarda’s proposal offered new collection and new models, making the garments quite functional, comfortable to wear, and elegant. He wanted to tempt women to crave them and enjoy wearing them all the time. His lingerie is delicate and supremely chic offering both style and comfort.

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