Aubade has existed for over a century, the company is above all a large family of 450 collaborators sharing the same values and the same vision for the future. At the Aubade helm, the third generation of the Pasquier family is perpetuating the movement initiated by Claude Pasquie, creator of the brand and its expression in the sphere of seduction.

Considered to be pioneers in the world of lingerie with professionalism, quality of design and manufacturing. This is why Aubade ranks among the great luxury brands that act as ambassadors for France’s image throughout the world. With product innovations that have marked the history of lingerie, Aubade has widely contributed to developments in the way women perceive their feminine side.

Aubade is the first brand to position its lingerie as a product affording pleasure for oneself and for one’s partner, a secret, refined ally of the “eternal feminine.” Inspired by courtly love, the choice of the name Aubade in itself suggests the game of seduction. An extremely novel concept that was part of a mini-revolution, at a time when lingerie was above all considered as a functional product.

The tone, the message and the imagination have remained faithful to the original concept: the reference to the male onlooker, his pleasure in contemplating a women dressed in refined lingerie and to boot, and the power of lingerie to make women ever more beautiful. Aubade’s strength lies in its capacity to create from the outset a specific and unique brand positioning, that has unsettled some, but to which the brand has remained true!

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