Bien Fée Pour Toi

was created in 2005 by Vanessa Schleimer and Pascal Reynaud, Bien Fée offers you glamorous, cool and lightweight lingerie, designed for women who show their beauty, happiness and fanciful moods in refined and comfortable underwear.

The Bien Fee woman is romantic and sensual as well as delicate and provocative in her desires. The different facets of her personality are appropriate here, and her emotions guide her to those perfect little things she wants to wear.

A native of Savoy, Vanessa realized very early that she wanted to live her passion and gave a trump card to her creativity by building her own brand of lingerie. Originality and determination have entered her the prestigious fashion houses of Lagerfeld Gallery, Torrente and Stella Cadente.

Bien Fee pour toi: a journey in an intimate universe where very feminine gentleness, delicacy and humor intermingle without ever being apart.

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