was founded by Alex Popa in the summer of 2007 with the ambitious dream of establishing a line that would embody the London trend of uncensored creativity which was fuelled by working for a couple of years at a London based prêt-a-porter label. With the belief that the high-end lingerie market had not witnessed the same level of revival, a natural niche of unexplored opportunity presented itself. It became apparent that the way forward involved denouncing the traditional romanticised notion of froufrou laces and old fashioned prettiness in order to create a presence in the lingerie sector.

The underlying concept is simple: as fashion embraces a more eclectic sense of style,self-expression through merging classic with modern lingerie is now as much about underwear as outwear. Thus the intention of Bordelle is to create cutting-edge designs that merge the two, giving rise to the terminology of “Bodywear”. This loose term not only eradicates the pre-existing notions of garment classification but also embraces original styling approaches and encourages the mix of fabrics, textures, and trims pertaining to different garment classes.

The founder decided to conceal herself behind the provocative pseudonym of Bordelle, a carefully selected play on words and an ironic wink between sex and fashion in the intimate apparel industry.

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