is a loungewear collection comprised of luxurious and comfortable pieces that are sexy, versatile and that travel brilliantly. Each piece is handcrafted in New York City from the finest silk, cotton and jersey materials and features delicate details and intricate workmanship using hand cast gold and crystal hardware.

Brulee designer Kristian Giambi has always had her hands in something creative. With a degree in Visual Communications, and a passion for art and photography, she always knew she wanted to design and create in some way, shape or form. She didn’t want to create just any loungewear. It was essential that the pieces were versatile, classy, comfortable and luxurious yet had an alluring appeal. Her vision of the perfect collection came to life and Brulee came to fruition.

Brulee is anything but sweet. The sumptuous and sophisticated loungewear collection pays homage to feminine women with powerful edge. The line is luxurious yet uncomplicated and slipping into one of these pieces promises to leave you feeling sexy and confident. So go ahead, indulge.

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