MYLAMyla was opened in 1999 and designed luxury lingerie to capture your mood and show your personality through the style, colour and trim of your lingerie. Myla London is now one of the most prestigious lingerie houses in the world. Myla believe that lingerie should be used to show femininity as well as glamour, seduction and elegance. The result of Myla’s luxury lingerie is beautiful designed lingerie that is both classically timeless and effortlessly on trend.

As described my Myla:

From the boardroom to the bedroom

Lingerie to capture your mood and celebrate the different sides of your personality. From the boardroom to the bedroom, Myla encapsulates the many facets of femininity. Glamour, seduction and refined elegance are at the heart of all we create – all underpinned by fabulous craftsmanship.”
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